Such Is Life
Such Is Life
A story about adoption, family and identity.

Such Is Life is a story about three adopted, multicultural siblings who each receive a folder containing information that sends them on a journey of rediscovery. 

Our show follows Devin, Erika and Brandon who are flawed and multilayered young adults with unique perspectives influenced by their respective adoptions. 

From our creator, Zach Shinske-

I wanted to create a show that explores what it means to be adopted. Growing up I found it difficult to talk about my experiences and encountered so many people who couldn’t understand my curiosity about where I came from. To them, I had a great life with two amazing parents who would give me the world. So why would I care about these other people who had nothing to do with my upbringing? It wasn’t that simple to me.

Many of the things adoptees feel and experience are hard to comprehend if you don’t share a similar background. I’ve created “Such Is Life” to provide glimpses of life through our eyes.


Meet the Reynolds Siblings


Devin Reynolds

The eldest.

Loyal, protective yet struggles to feel any desire to reconnect with his biological family. Find out what Devin’s early childhood memories bring.

Samuel Gomez as Devin Reynolds.

Click for more about Sam on IG at @samuel8omez


Erika Reynolds

The middle child.

Pragmatic, efficient, does not waste time on complicated emotions. Find out what reawakens inside Erika that she has not felt in years.

Marie Dinolan as Erika Reynolds.

Click for more about Marie on IG at @mariedinolan


Brandon Reynolds

The youngest.

Wears his heart on his sleeve. Follow his journey as he struggles to reconcile a strong curiosity for his roots with the love and admiration for his adoptive family.

Zach Shinske as Brandon Reynolds.

Click for more about Zach on IG at @shinsk_z


While our successful Seed&Spark campaign helped us meet our initial goals for production, we are continuing to raise funds to complete our initial episodes in the most professional fashion. We are so grateful for your support!


If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team, please email us at one of the links below. Our team would be delighted to hear from you!



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